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Meet Chavis Chance

After Moon

All For Something

Bluebonnet Trail

Me With You

Otis Sang


Bluebonnet Trail Out Now!

Fire’s burning; come sit down

I had some food; it’s gone now

Lifes not bad, though often sad

Always sweetest looking back

These flames have got me lit

I’ll soon be on my way

To find my way back to Bluebonnet Trail


Everything seems smaller now

My head is farther from the ground

These hills once made it hard to breathe

Now just roll beneath my feet

The sign said almost there

The next one farther still

But ill find my way back to Bluebonnet Trail


It’s been so long,

It’s been so long,

It’s been so long,


Golden grass all overgrown

Shattered bottles broken stone

I was there; I was alone,

When cheeks are wet,

the air is cold

I ran my fingers down

The sign saying almost there

As I made my way out of Bluebonnet Trail

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