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American Singer-Songwriter

Synopsis: Chavis Chance Hamilton is an American singer-songwriter born on May 6,
1995, in Austin, Texas, raised mostly in Plano, Texas, after a brief move to San
Clemente, California. He showed an affinity for the arts from a young age, with his
initial interest primarily in graphic design. He picked up and put down the guitar for
most of his youth, until the end of his freshman year at Texas State University (San
Marcos, TX) when he realized music was his passion. He applied and transferred to
Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he is currently based.

Born in Austin, Texas on May 6, 1995, he was a joyful child, in awe and wonder of the world, living
with his parents and two sisters. He moved to San Clemente, California at the age of 7. The
divorce of his parents in 2004 rocked his world for quite a while, relocating to Dallas, Texas, and
ending up as the only boy in a blended family with 4 sisters. Both a blessing and a curse, Chavis’
family life has provided diverse and deep life experiences molding his insightful and passionate
musical style and lyrics as a singer-songwriter.

The son of an American singer-songwriter (Dirk Hamilton), he got his first guitar as a toddler. He
picked up and put down the guitar for most of his youth, but in high school, he started guitar
lessons with Jack Buras – an authentic blues player and owner of Texas Music Lab in Plano, Texas.
Within the first year, Chavis was offered his first student – teaching roots focused beginner guitar
lessons to over 15 students from 2011 to 2015. He continues to teach in between semesters and
shows today.

Always interested in the arts generally, his initial focus gravitated to graphic design with periodic
competing priorities between music and theater inspirations. At age 14, Chavis auditioned for
the Booker T. Washington Performing Arts High School in Dallas, Texas, wanting to participate in
either the Visual Arts or Theater program. He was accepted as one of few out-of-district
exceptions for enrollment in the theater program – but chose to stay in his local school inspired
by their theater program. He was cast in nine productions during his high school years, in
addition to auditioning, rehearsing and performing with MusicCorp, an elite show choir.

Chavis graduated from high school with a passion for art and no passion for school. His SAT
scores created opportunity to attend lots of traditional universities but he just couldn’t get
inspired despite his best efforts. He had a brief stint in a traditional university, exploring
traditional things like architecture or engineering and fraternities – but found himself spending
more time in the English program with the bohemians and struggling to be fulfilled.

He went to Berklee Summer Program to feel it out – inspired and motivated – he was also
humbled. Primarily self-taught on the guitar, when Chavis decided to audition for Berklee, he
knew he would need a lot more training – having chops but no theory behind it. He got serious
about technical training and music theory to get ready for an academic music study experience.
Auditioning in 2015, he was accepted and transferred to Berklee College of Music in Fall 2015
and has been thriving ever since.

Chavis is a 4th semester student at Berklee College of Music with an expected completion of his
diploma program in Spring 2018. During his time at Berklee, Chavis has benefited from over a
year of performance classes with Livingston Taylor and specific training from Don Lappin, Woody
Mann, Paul Rishell, Didi Stewart, and Alain Mallet. He has had the opportunity to do a series of
recordings with Alain Mallet and Mark Wessel, and accompanied multiple student artists on their
recording projects. True to the Berklee culture, Chavis has auditioned and performed in five
Berklee shows and ensembles. He has immersed himself in Boston’s live music community,
debuting Chavis Chance and His Very Handsome Band in their first Boston show in March 2017
at The Middle East.

Returning to his childhood school, Bluebonnet Trail Elementary, as a young adult inspired his
song, Bluebonnet Trail, which is his first live video and also included on his first release, Six Good
Songs. Released in the Fall of 2016, Six Good Songs, an independent release, spotlights six of
Chavis’ original songs along with very talented musicians from the Berklee community. The
record has been received well and has resulted in developing gig opportunities in Massachusetts
and Texas. Chavis has seven plus additional original songs ready and is initiating a new
production project. The next release is anticipated in Fall 2017.

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